livesauda is India’s most interactive and innovative marketplace that serves as a one-stop- shop for all your trading requirements. It is a bridge between buyers and sellers and enables a smooth and seamless trading experience with minimal external dependency.
Becoming a part of livesauda and enjoying its benefits is very simple. Begin by Registering for Free through Register For Free link. Login using your verified email id and password and get started.
Registration is a two step process.
  1. Registration – You will be prompted to fill in some basic details about your Company, default category that you trade in and an email id and password. You will be registered as Admin by default. The User Id and Password that you provide will be your Login credentials.
  2. Activation – once registration form is submitted, an email will be sent to the email id provided. This email will contain a verification link. Click on the link to verify and activate your account.
When a registered user logs in to the platform, the default page that is displayed is Dashboard. This page displays the action items the user can select from.
You can fill in your company details through My Account -> Manage Company. Fill in as many details as possible even though it is optional to establish better credibility among the member community.
Sub-users are the employees of the same company who need access to the platform with different access rights. You can add email id and password for each sub-user along with other basic details. Each sub-user will receive an activation link on the registered email id and account will be activated through that link. You can do so through My Account -> Manage Users.
Any registered user can setup Product for either Buying or Selling. You can do so using Create New Product icon on Dashboard. Already listed Products can be edited using Manage Products icon on the Dashboard.
Every page on the platform is provided with a Search Bar. Look up for the Product or Company you want to search for through the Search Bar.
Registered Users can trade on livesauda platform from Dashboard Page. It is the central page for the platform services. Once on Dashboard page, user can do the following:
  1. Click on All Listing icon and you will see Buyer List and Seller List. Products set up by other members can also be viewed in the list.
  2. Invite an Online / Offline User to deal room for trade. For Online User the Invite button is GREEN, while as for an Offline User, it is white. Upon clicking the white button, a notification will be sent to the Offline member with your name.
  3. By clicking on AV+Chat, you can invite that member for A/V Call or Online Text Chat for respective product and it will lead you two to the Deal room for trade negotiation.
  4. View
    a. View Listing Detail – this displays the product request details.
    b. View User Profile – this displays the User information, who posted the product request.
    c. View Company Profile – this displays the Company information of the User, who posted the product request.
    d. View Dispute Wall – this navigates the user to Dispute Wall page, where the disputes regarding the completed deal transactions can be viewed for the user who is either a Buyer or a Seller.
    e. View Friendly Feedback - this navigates the user to Friendly Feedback page, where positive comments regarding the completed deal transactions can be viewed for the user who is either a Buyer or a Seller.
You can create a transaction in 2 ways:
  1. A/V +Chat: After the deal is negotiated through A/V Call or Online text chat, you can Create Transaction through a button on the top left corner.
  2. + Transaction: this enables one of the Users to create a Deal Transaction, directly, in case the deal parameters are all agreed upon by both the parties. You can do so through All Listings either on Dashboard or on My Account.
Deal Room is a private virtual room where the Buyer and Seller can discuss and finalize the Deal details. This can be done by either Chat or Video conference. There is a Video Recording facility for Video Conference. That is, both the users can record the video conference. This is possible by clicking the RECORDING button. Recording can be stopped, by clicking the STOP button. On stopping the video recording, the recording file is automatically downloaded to download location as per the browser settings. Once you leave the deal room, recording facility won’t be available for the concerned deal.
Unless, User makes this information Public by posting on the Dispute Wall, livesauda does not share the user deal information (Product, Quantity, Price & Party Names) with anybody on livesauda platform.
By default, the Product Requirements setup are ACTIVE. User who setup the requirement or any user with proper privileges can de-activate the requirement at any point of time. This can be done via MY ACCOUNT or DASHBOARD -> Manage Products link. This lists all the Product Requirements that are setup. The user can navigate to the one which needs to be de-activated and click on ACTIVE button. This is a toggle switch i.e. it will de-activate an active request and vice versa.
Disputes are generally disagreements regarding a Deal. Either party to the Deal can post a Dispute for a Deal Transaction. Click on MY ACCOUNT-> SAUDA LIST->Action- >Post to Dispute Wall
Friendly Feedback is way of appreciating the other party for a deal. Either party can give Friendly Feedback for the other party. Click on MY ACCOUNT-> SAUDA LIST->Action- > Leave a Friendly Feedback
Tender can be created in 3 ways:
  1. Clicking Tenders icon on Dashboard
  2. Clicking Tenders link in MY ACCOUNT dropdown
  3. Clicking Create Tender button in All Listing page
  4. Fill in the required details for the Tender event and then by clicking the Create Tender button on the right hand side. A notification about this Tender will be sent to all members from the same category.
Bid event creation consists of 2 parts:
  1. Filling up the Bid event details
  2. Inviting the Members from same or another Category for the event.
Any of the below 2 methods can be used to create a Bid event:
  1. Clicking Bidding icon on Dashboard
  2. Clicking Bidding link in MY ACCOUNT dropdown
  3. Clicking Create Bid button in All Listing page
Once the details are filled in, the members to be invited can be selected from a list displayed by selecting the Category. Members from another Category can also be invited for the event. Once the required members are selected, the event can be created by clicking on the Create Bid button on the right hand side.
A notification is sent to all the invited members.